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Glenn Villeneuve

Island Lake, AK: The newest cast member, Glenn, goes hunting for caribou.

Island Lake, AK: The newest Life Below Zero cast member, Glenn, goes hunting for caribou. (View larger version)

Photograph by 2012 BBC Worldwide Ltd.


Glenn Villeneuve moved from Vermont to Alaska in 1999 after being inspired by the story of famed frontiersman Heimo Korth. He lives as a lone, primitive subsistence hunter in the Brooks Range, surrounded by mountains 6000 ft. high. He is 200 miles north of Fairbanks, with a 60-mile walk to the nearest road. 

Glenn has truly left the modern world behind and has no wish to bring it into the wild. He lives in a canvas tent and has no power (except for a small generator), no running water, and no heat except from the wood he chops. He has batteries for his head torch and camera, nothing else. He travels and hunts by foot, chops wood with an axe, cuts through the ice with a hand chisel, hauls logs by hand with a sled. He lives 100% off the land, hunting moose, caribou, porcupine, ptarmigan and sheep. Glenn is surrounded by wolves, and has spent the last few months living in close proximity to a pack of 20, and was once charged by a pack of them. For sustenance, Glenn picks berries, roots and leaves, but is unable to grow his own vegetables because of the altitude at which he lives.   

Passionate about primitive living, Glenn has no need for modern civilization and technology; everything he does comes from his own blood, sweat and tears.